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Figuring out which online survey software is the most cost-effective

If saving money is your goal, make sure your read all the fine print so you know exactly what you are getting. Some of the survey software products sound enticing by talking about a low monthly fee. However, make sure you read the terms of service. Two of popular survey software companies have their monthly […]

Survey Predicts Electronics for Dad This Year!

The results are in from Ennect’s 2011 Fathers’ Day Survey.  We’re predicting a big year for electronics gear for dads this year.  Looks like some dads will be surprised or disappointed to not receive a tie on Fathers’ Day. You can check the results out below. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), consumers spent […]

What's Dad Getting for Fathers' Day?

Fathers’ Day is just a few days away.  We were wondering what the popular gifts will be for this year.  To help us predict what Dad’s might see this coming June 19th, take our ONE QUESTION survey. Or click here:

Sloppy Technique Skews Online Survey Accuracy

Today’s web-based survey software has put easy-to-use research tools into the hands of more marketers than ever before. Even creating sophisticated surveys – with skip logic or matrix questions – can be relatively easy to accomplish. But not all users implement best practices with the same rigor professional researchers employ.  Sloppy survey techniques can skew […]

Does Web 2.0 Change Companies’ Ability to…Huh? They Said What?

There’s no ignoring the fact that Web 2.0 has raised the level of interaction with customers to new heights – allowing free-flowing feedback to emerge like never before.  But I wonder how well companies are adjusting to – and using – the font of wisdom customers are spewing forth. In an age where customers are […]

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Moves to Real-time Customer Surveys

Fairfax, Virginia’s Fairfax County Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) has upped the ante on traditional banking best practice for collecting customer feedback!  It’s moved from annual to real-time surveys using customer survey software from Ennect. Not only has the move to online surveys reduced cost, it has also helped the credit union increase the products and […]

How Surveys Create Perceptions…Or Not!

Surveys interest me.  One, because they are a mainstay of the marketing and public relations profession – or should be.  (Too often they’re not.)  Two, because there are online software tools available (including ours) that make creating and managing surveys and delivering survey reports so easy that there’s no excuse for marketers NOT to be using them. […]

Ennect writes for Visibility Magazine on the use of Online Survey Software

Read what the Ennect Team has to say about the use of online survey software in the December issue of Visibility Magazine titled E-Marketing Solutions Improve ROI .

URL’s Important in Online Survey Software

Sometimes the coolest thing about an online survey is the short little URL. Check out this URL from a survey I created moments ago for the purposes of this blog post: Now, the cool thing with this URL is that the name of the survey, “Social Media Survey” is part of the string. This […]

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