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New Google Patent Emphasis on Email Marketing Could Fuel or Exhaust Future Search Engine Rankings

Google’s search engine ranking universe could soon include a new filter for email marketing content. Google’s recently gained patent will allow the search engine giant to drill down and search email messaging and consider if the message is spam or junk. Speculation is that Google will also crawl email content for spam and suspect links […]

The Little Kid on the Ukulele Drove Me to SEARCH

Driving to work this morning the radio almost drove me off the side of the road when the car in front of me stopped suddenly.  Distracted, I was singing along to a rendition of “I’m Yours,” a popular Jason Mraz song sung by, well, at that point, I wasn’t sure whom.  I was actually listening […]

Where Keywords Go, Journalists Follow

Here’s another reason why marketers — and PR professionals — should pay attention to keywords.  According to Sam Whitmore, founder and editor of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, some journalists are being pressured to write stories that will generate page views.  (No one said the influence of ad sales ever died with the transition to online media!)  […]

Elliance Infographic Shows Why PageRank Matters

If you’ve gone online and done a search — and who hasn’t? — then you may have asked yourself, why some sites rise to the top (i.e., page one versus page ten) when results are presented.  One way that Google and other search engines rank sites is by the number of links from other sites coming […]

Hey Manufacturing! Stop Whining. Start Marketing.

Last week U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met with United Steelworkers and US Steel, and visited a local factory where Allegheny Technologies produces specialty metal plates.  He was trying to point out that heavy industry can succeed in the US even with tough competition from abroad.  Geithner said the sector “will play a critical role in helping to spur our […]

If a marketer doesn’t track results, do they still count?

According to industry analyst firm AMR International business-to-business (B2B) online advertising is just one of the areas that will start to climb out of the recession-driven trough it has been in.  But while AMR’s B2B online marketing report reaffirms what others are saying about growing investments in various marketing channels, it, also, identifies a large descrepancy between how B2B marketers rate the […]

Is Twitter Use Really Declining?

When I first read today’s eMarketer article, “Data on Twitter Decline Stacks Up,” my first reaction was, “Yeah, well, duh!”  After all these months of frenetic activity to attract and capture the ‘hyper-active lead’ (Great term! Thank you, Michael Paradiso, CA Inc.), it seemed that passion had finally been replaced with common sense (or maybe […]

Google’s CEO Comes to Pittsburgh on Eve of G-20 Summit

The Pittsburgh Technology Council hosted a session this morning that featured Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, which has an office on the Carnegie Mellon University campus here. Hundreds turned out to hear Schmidt talk and answer questions from the audience.  I personally remember Schmidt from his Novell days when I was doing PR and marketing […]

Have you tried Bing yet?

When Microsoft introduced its new search engine, Bing, a few weeks ago, there was great anticipation and then, well, much disappointment from the critics and experts.   Since then, there have been lots of articles, blog posts, and comments on what Microsoft ’coulda, woulda, shoulda’ done.   Seems that no matter what the company does on this count, Google […]