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Do-it-yourself Online Event Management and Digital Marketing Tips to Help Your Organization Succeed

How about a few digital marketing ideas, musings and inspirations from Elliance that will make you go AHA!

Check out these latest blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.  You too might just say Aha! Climb on board the Usership… by Krystal Duke Ninety eight percent of users were visiting this particular landing page on their… you guessed it… mobile devices. Aha! Oh, the humanity!: Falling in love with rewriting by Erin McCarthy […]

Nonprofit Women Pilots Organization Goes Lightspeed on Wings of Event Management Prowess

Ennect always strives to assist our non-profit clients reach the pinnacle of effectiveness for causes they champion. One Ennect Event client, The Ventura County Ninety-Nines, a nonprofit organization of nearly 5,000 women pilots uses Ennect Marketing Software for many of their event management and communications needs. We always reference The Ninety-Nines as a model example […]

Big League Success in Event Registration for Little League Non-Profits

It’s impressive how multi-leveled non-profit organizations that cross international boundaries to reach millions successfully manage their missions especially with event registration. Think about it, these organizations need to be constantly in-sync from top-to-bottom with their marketing techniques, event registration practices and mass email communications, a big league feat for any non-profit organization. Speaking of the […]

Event Supports Student Entrepreneurs in Ohio

The 9th Annual E CITY Awareness Breakfast is coming soon:  Tuesday, April 13th, at 7AM. This is a cool organization and if you’re a fan of entrepreneurship and live in Northeastern Ohio (or maybe even western PA) and want to support a good cause, check it out here: E CITY is a non-profit organization that teaches students entrepreneurial, […]

What to do about Valentine’s Day if you’re a B2B eMarketer

Valentine’s Day is generally considered a consumer holiday, but what if you’re a B2B eMarketer?  Should you try to take advantage of it… or would your customers think you’re over-reaching? Show Some Love to Your B2B Customers on Valentine's Day The answer is: it depends.  Here are three ways you can approach Valentine’s Day without […]

Susan Liebeler: Fund-Raiser Extraordinare

Susan Liebeler is a former head of the International Trade Commission, a lawyer, a professor, a pilot (she learned at 55!), and now the head fund-raiser for the International Ninety-Nines, an international group of women pilots with more than 5,000 members in 35 countries. Susan attributes the use of our Ennect Event software to her […]

Why Non-profits Love Ennect

1) We offer a 20% discount on all products to all non-profits.  This 20% discount can even be applied on top of any bulk discounting pricing. 2) We pride ourselves on customer service! This is one area where any one using Ennect will agree – we offer outstanding customer service. 3) There are no long […]