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Next Stop, The Client Experience Zone!

You are about to enter another dimension of business. A journey into a wondrous land of customer service. Next stop, the Client Experience Zone! Whether we think about it or not, every day we visit the client experience zone. I am sure that we can all come up with both stellar and atrocious customer service […]

Put Images in Your Emarketing Survey Questionnaire

Make Your eSurvey Visual — Add Image Graphics There are a variety of online survey tools available, but not all of them allow you to add graphics.  Here’s a way to do it with Ennect.   Because Ennect’s emarketing tools are integrated, you can use the graphics library from Ennect Mail to store and access images which […]

LiveChat Supports Online Marketing Software

“Congrats, you are the first “live-chat” support person I’ve ever worked with who was actually helpful (I don’t mean at Ennect, I mean with other online vendors!)” Ennect’s LiveChat feature has proven quite popular with both pre- and post-sales customers: current users can post questions from within our four products without waiting for the longer […]

Do Event Registration Solutions Allow Multiple Email Addresses?

We got a call the other day that one of our event registration software users was getting multiple emails for each test registrant.  Why was this happening?  What could be broken? Panic we didn’t as this told us that our product was working as planned.   You see, we had designed the new version of Ennect […]

Manually Add Names to Your Mailing List

Y’know that Live Chat feature we implemented a month ago?  Clients and potential clients are using it like crazy – crazy, that is, to not use the phone, to let their fingers do the walking, and to just get the job done. One recent chat session from a long-time client was about manually adding names […]

A New Page in Your Ennect Event

Supporting a set of emarketing tools like the Ennect suite is a fast and furious job which is made easier by the very flexibility of the tools.  Because the products are a suite, they each have some shared and some unique functions.  Mixing and matching these functions make each of the suite’s components, Mail, Survey, […]

Marketing research just got easier with our tag clouds

The Ennect Survey team just added revolutionary tag cloud views for ‘Most Popular keywords’ and ‘Most Popular Keyphrases’ for verbatim/text responses. These provide an amazing short cut for marketing research. In the past, marketing researchers had to read hundreds of responses to analyze the patterns in survey responses. Now, with tag clouds, you can quickly see the key […]