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Do-it-yourself Online Event Management and Digital Marketing Tips to Help Your Organization Succeed

Event Cancellations: Have a refund process in place

Q: How do I handle event cancelations? If a person pays with a credit card through Ennect Event’s built-in portal, can I credit the refund to their card? A: The best way to handle cancelations is to prevent them from happening! Obviously that’s a bit unrealistic, so it’s important your event site clearly states that […]

Online Marketing Software or Basic Email To Keep Social Media Clicking?

Most businesses these days heavily invest in keeping their brand relevant within social media circles and it is no surprise that most emails are deluged with social media icons like Facebook or Twitter. It makes sense to include links in your emails directing your customers and clients to your social media websites but should you […]

And the Winner Is…

Your online sweepstakes is ready to roll.  It’s well thought out, creatively planned and meticulously crafted. You are excited about the data you will capture and of course announcing who the winners are.  But before you hit the send button you should take a few minutes to review “Is Your Contest Illegal? 33 Important Legal […]

Creativity Soars! – Vote for The Ventura County Ninety-Nines!

When we created the Ennect online marketing software, we had no idea all of the creative and impressive ways our clients would decide to use these products.  We are always excited to see what our clients will come up with next. One client in particular, The Ventura County Ninety-Nines, a local Southern California area chapter […]

How Long Should an Online Survey Be?

The name of the online survey game is information gathering. The vehicle used to gather that information is the well-written question and the trick to getting respondents to complete surveys is driving directly to the point. Survey creators walk a fine line; they need to gather as much complete and valuable data as possible without […]

Is Managing your List Really That Important?

If you are like most people, list management ranks right up there with flossing your teeth; you know you should but you never have the time. A recent article published by B2B online might convince you that list management is vital to your success. This article offers up seven simple but effective tips to improve […]

Figuring out which online survey software is the most cost-effective

If saving money is your goal, make sure your read all the fine print so you know exactly what you are getting. Some of the survey software products sound enticing by talking about a low monthly fee. However, make sure you read the terms of service. Two of popular survey software companies have their monthly […]

LiveChat Supports Online Marketing Software

“Congrats, you are the first “live-chat” support person I’ve ever worked with who was actually helpful (I don’t mean at Ennect, I mean with other online vendors!)” Ennect’s LiveChat feature has proven quite popular with both pre- and post-sales customers: current users can post questions from within our four products without waiting for the longer […]

Excel and Your Emarketing Software

Excel is a strange beast – you either like it or you don’t.  Actually, you either love it or you loath it.  You may love Excel (insert favorite spreadsheet product of choice) because you can crunch huge sets of numbers or sort and subtotal strange sets of data or use formulas to do wonderful things […]

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