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A Brilliant Autumn Spectrum of Digital Marketing ideas, musings and inspirations from Elliance that will make you go AHA!

Check out the latest burst of colorful blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance. A Blog About Blogging: A Cornerstone of Inbound Marketing Strategy by Zahra Qureshi Are you still debating whether blogging and content creation is beneficial for your business/higher education institution or not? Here are four reasons why blogging matters for inbound marketing […]

A Summer Wave of Brilliant Digital Marketing ideas, musings and inspirations from Elliance that will make you go AHA!

Check out the latest wave of blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance. Manufacturing is Dead… by Bob Taylor We are all tired of hearing that American manufacturing is dead. It would seem that manufacturing has found a way to adapt and overcome. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha! Sports and Politics = Rocket […]

How about a few digital marketing ideas, musings and inspirations from Elliance that will make you go AHA!

Check out these latest blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.  You too might just say Aha! Climb on board the Usership… by Krystal Duke Ninety eight percent of users were visiting this particular landing page on their… you guessed it… mobile devices. Aha! Oh, the humanity!: Falling in love with rewriting by Erin McCarthy […]

Email List Segmentation that Works for Industrial and B2B Marketers

If you want to make your contact list work harder and obtain higher lift from your email marketing activities, try list segmentation. It’s not a new technique, but it’s a proven one.  It works because it enables you to better match your email messages and offers to an audience’s qualifications or known needs. But the […]

Help, Marketing: The Wheels’r Fallin’ Off American Universities

A couple days ago The Economist published a blog that hit a nerve: “Declining by degree:  Will America’s universities go the way of its car companies?” I had just tweeted off some comments referencing a Time Magazine article about how Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company, is trying to turn his company around – NOT thanks to government […]

Howz It Goin Out There Manufacturers? Here’s a Resource for You

With the economy not doing as well as anticipated and back-to-school retail sales lower than expected, I thought it was time to see what others in the industrial marketing community were saying to manufacturers these days.  (Was I looking for colleagues-in-arms or still feeling residual guilt for the “Hey Manufacturing! Stop Whining. Start Marketing.” post?)   […]

Manufacturing News is Good. Again.

It’s the “again” that counts! According to a June 1 report by the Institute for Supply Management™ Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, the manufacturing sector has shown expansion now for 10 consecutive months.  (Yeah!) The latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business® also said that the overall economy has grown for 13 consecutive months!  (Woohoo!) The report’s […]

Manufacturing’s Like the Weather: Marketers Should Look for Warming Trends

This time of year it’s tough to decide what to wear. One day it’s warm; the next, it’s almost sub-zero. The manufacturing ‘rebound’ seems to be following the same pattern: good news heats up, then cools down.  This week’s news from Caterpillar – where earnings exceeded estimates by 28% – helped shore up stock prices […]

Manufacturning Loses 23 Trade Mags. Now What?

Manufacturers who’ve been counting on advertising in trade journals have just had their promotional options cut significantly. Yesterday Reed Business Information announced it was shutting down 23 magazines. That’s in addition to eight titles it sold previously to Sandow Media and two others (Library Journal and School Library Journal) sold to Media Source Inc. The company blamed declining […]

Manufacturing: Canary in the Coal Mine?

Sing, birdie, sing. On April 4th, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an article by Harold D. Miller, entitled “Ripple Effect: Manufacturing Job Drop Has Wide Ramifications.” The story detailed the number of jobs lost because of the recession in the last two years (28,600) with 35% of them occurring in the manufacturing sector. “In fact, manufacturing accounted […]

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