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Emarketing Digital Marketing Trends, Government Social Media Disruptions and Instagram Hackers Get Hacked!

Posted on | June 20, 2019 | No Comments

Digital Marketing Trends and Social Media Disruptions

Welcome to the Emarketing Blog Digital Digest. Here’s a collection of interesting tech trends, big government social media interventions, digital happenings and other interesting news items that are buzzing across the global wires.

Google CEO: YouTube is too big to fix completely (
Google CEO Sundar Pichai says YouTube is too big to completely fix the site’s problems with harmful content.

Amazon dethrones Google as top global brand: survey (Yahoo)
US retail giant Amazon has moved past hi-tech titans Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand. The top ten world’s most valuable companies are dominated by Amazon $315 billion, Apple $309.5 billion, Google $309 billion and Microsoft $251 billion.

“Amazon’s smart acquisitions, that have led to new revenue streams, excellent customer service provision and its ability to stay ahead of its competitors by offering a diverse ecosystem of products and services, have allowed Amazon to continuously accelerate its brand value growth.”

Google Algorithm June 2019 Core Update (FastCompany)
The new Google algorithm was launched on June 3rd, and some publishers are already taking a big hit. Most notable among them is the Daily Mail, which reportedly complained about losing up to 50% of its daily search traffic as a result of this update.

Facebook to Unveil New Cryptocurrency (France24)
Facebook is set to unveil a bid to bring cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream, reportedly with the endorsement of governments and financial giants.

Twitter Takes Down Chinese-language Accounts Ahead of Tiananmen Square Anniversary (TechCrunch)
Twitter suspended a large number of Chinese-language user accounts, including those belonging to critics of China’s government just days before thirtieth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4.

U.S. Military to Trawl Through 350 Billion Social Media Messages (Yahoo)
The U.S. military plans to analyze 350 billion social-media posts from around the world to help it track how popular movements evolve.

Infamous Forum For Instagram Hackers Gets Hacked by Other Hackers (Vice)
A forum where hackers and cybercriminals trade stolen Instagram and Twitter accounts was apparently hacked.


Image: Ales Nesetril via Unsplash


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