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NBC Wall Street Journal Survey Shows Americans Souring on Social Media

Posted on | April 5, 2019 | No Comments

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The folks at NBC News/Wall Street Journal polled 1,000 adults about their overall perception of social media in America. The results of the poll showed that a majority of Americans are not big fans of social media in general and have deep disdain towards powerhouse players Facebook and Twitter.

“If America was giving social media a Yelp review, a majority would give it zero stars,” – Micah Roberts, Public Opinion Strategies

Here are some stats from the NBC News Wall Street Journal social media poll:

  • 82 percent say social media sites do more to waste people’s time.
  • Six in 10 Americans say they don’t trust Facebook at all to protect their personal information.
  • 57 percent of Americans say they agree with the statement that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter do more to divide the country.
  • 55 percent believe social media does more to spread lies and falsehoods.
  • 61 percent think social media does more to spread unfair attacks and rumors against public figures and corporations.
  • Overall, 36 percent of adults view Facebook positively, while 33 percent see it negatively. And Twitter’s rating is 24 percent positive, 27 percent negative.

See the complete NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll results here.

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