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Ennect Online Event Management Software Users Are Like Family to Us!

Posted on | April 5, 2018 | No Comments

Great Client Support Services

We love our Ennect users. Over the years, we have been part of so many great professional relationships with our Ennect clients that it feels like we are part of their marketing and event planning teams – sort of like family.  So, when spring comes around we know exactly which Ennect events our clients are working on and eagerly await the bevy of phone calls asking us for assistance and advice.  We enjoy catching up, engaging in some great small talk and hearing how well our clients are doing – It is sort of like an Ennect family reunion.  In the end, what we really enjoy are the unsolicited kind words that our clients send our way thanking us for the support we’ve provided. It is with these words that we take solace that their event was a success and that we will be hearing from them again throughout the event season.

Here are some of the of the nice things that we hear and get to talk with our Ennect clients about:

“Thank you!  I appreciate you so very much.”  – Evelyn, Ennect Event User, Tech Professional

“We haven’t held an event in some time.  We were happy to see our account was still available and the credits we purchased some time back were still valid.  I was so happy to talk to a real person that was knowledgeable of the product when I called. It’s the reason why we chose you way back when.” – Michael, Ennect Survey User, Security Industry

“It is that time again, could you assist with the updated information for the 2018 event?”  – Kathy, Ennect Event User, Financial Industry

If you are looking for a great do-it-yourself online event registration software that comes with game-changing product and technical support then try Ennect for free today.

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