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Turn Your St. Patrick’s Day Festival into a Pot of Gold with Ennect Online Registration Software

Posted on | February 19, 2018 | No Comments

Online Event Registration for St. Patrick's Day festivals

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here, have you started your event planning yet? Let Ennect Event help you turn this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festival into a pot of gold.  Ennect Event do-it-yourself online marketing software can help with all of the following St. Patrick’s Day party logistics and more:

  • Sign up members and volunteers for parade day duty.
  • Register attendees and collect the amounts and sizes of party swag such has leprechaun top hats and shamrock tee-shirts.
  • Help determine the amount of green libations and food that will be needed for an epic celebration all on one simple online registration form.
  • Conveniently collect registration fees online.
  • Send out confirmation emails and party agendas to event registrants.
  • And much more.

Let us also help with the party conversation, here is a bit of Irish history from and that will make you as knowledgeable as St. Patrick himself:

  • Around 300BC, Iron Age warriors known as the Celts came to Ireland from mainland Europe.
  • Following the arrival of Saint Patrick and other Christian missionaries in the early to mid-5th century, Christianity took over the indigenous pagan religion by the year 600 AD.
  • The Vikings founded, Dublin, Ireland’s capital city in 988.
  • St. Patrick’s Day began in 1631 with a Church sanctioned feast honoring the Patron Saint of Ireland.
  • Green officially became the color of St. Patrick’s Day in 1798, the year of the Irish Rebellion.

Learn more about Ennect Event online event management and registration software for successful celebrations all year round.


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