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Have an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Holiday Season with Ennect Online Do-it-yourself Digital Marketing Tools

Posted on | November 28, 2017 | No Comments

Holiday Email Greetings

Welcome to our annual eco-friendly, highly-sustainable, holiday greetings blog post about going green this holiday season. Ennect online do-it-yourself marketing apps and tools are the perfect way to obtain that holiday “green” spirit this season. Ennect offers paperless options for digital business holiday email blasts, end of the year online customer or employee surveys, web-based company holiday event registrations and exciting online holiday sweepstakes.

Each year we like to offer up a few cool ideas on how to share season’s greetings and be mindful of our environment. Check out some of these innovative ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas and a wonderful holiday celebration from recycling gurus ecocycle:

Use e-Holiday Greetings
Holiday emails obviously save paper and postage and a single email blast from Ennect can easily blanket all of your clients, staff and partners in sincere seasons greetings.  Don’t have time to create a holiday email?  Contact Ennect and we can design a festive holiday greeting and send it for you. And if you do use paper greetings try and reuse the cards as next year’s gift tags or place-setting cards.

Wrap it & Pack it Eco-Style
Wrapping paper is difficult to recycle because of its high-clay and low-paper content.  Instead, get creative and choose reused/reusable alternatives like comics, posters, maps, blueprints, or calendars (all recyclable), fabric, reusable paper or cloth gift bags, bandannas, etc. For shipping, replace foam or bubble wrap with balled up newspaper or magazine pages.

Reduce Food Waste
Roughly 40% of all the food grown in the U.S. is thrown away. Prevent waste with careful planning with the  “Guest-imator” tool from Stick to your shopping list. If there are leftovers, encourage guests to take them home in reusable containers and freeze the rest for an easy meal on another day.

Don’t Give “Stuff”
Instead of buying new products or things for your friends and loved ones, give meaningful gifts that will enhance their lives. Some ideas:

  • Give experiences in the form of gift cards to museums, parks, or the movies.
  • Give something edible; make a dessert or a healthy snack packaged in reusable mason jars.
  • Give products that will help your friends and family go green, such as mugs, or reusable lunch containers.

Read past Emarketing holiday blogs below for tips and tricks for a greener winter celebration and learn more about going paperless with Ennect online marketing software, apps and tools.

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Happy Holidays from Ennect!


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