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Check out the latest burst of colorful blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.

The Art of Redesigning a Jesuit Business School Website
by Todd Erkel
While all .edu websites send important signals and establish vital threads of connection to stakeholders — corporate recruiters, research partners and regional funders/allies — a business school website does so with greater urgency and a far more explicit mandate… – Aha!

by Abu Noaman
To find one’s voice and to have the courage to speak it is sacred. But to be heard is divine. This wisdom applies to both people and brands alike… – Aha!

What Higher Education Marketers Can Learn from John Deere
by Carole Reinert
Content marketing is in a state of constant flux. To reach potential students, best practices in higher education marketing dictate being everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and SnapChat, right?… – Aha!

Best Manufacturing Marketing Practices
by Craig Otto
The 7 wheels of a well-oiled manufacturing marketing machine… – Aha!

Marketing ROI in Higher Education – Lessons from the Field
by Abu Noaman
Marketing ROI formula is easy enough. However, working with higher education clients for more than two decades has made it clear to us that calculating marketing ROI is challenging, especially in our current era of media fragmentation, device proliferation, and tight marketing budgets… – Aha! Higher Education Social Media

“My Goodness, Look At How Your Social Media Has Grown!”
by Scott Kozelnik
Most of us use our personal social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for just that reason – simply being social… –Aha!

That’s another story…
by Jordan Chepke
In recent blogs we’ve discussed the many benefits of universities and colleges utilizing Snapchat as a higher education marketing tool — from Geofilters that essentially act as digital billboards to Snapchat stories, which give you raw, in-the-moment exposure to a day-in-the-life at that institution… –Aha!

The art of the environmental portrait
by Kathy Kendra
In numerous cases, we as marketers ask those we are marketing to become the voice of the company or institution they represent. Their stories give meaning in a deeply personal way. And, in many cases, we ask those that give voice to the story to be photographed to represent their story… –Aha!

Google: The giant that keeps growing.
by Krystal Duke
Founded in 1998 by two Ph.D. students at Stanford University, Google has risen to become more than just a household name. Today, Google stands strong as an empire, armed with a vast arsenal of products and devices…  –Aha!

Find Meaning in Your Social Media Analytics
by Scott Kozelnik
So let’s get started with this simple road map and light overview of the Facebook and Twitter analytics platforms that may help you make more sense of why you are actually posting there in the first place…. –Aha!

Inspiration Hunting
by Derek Palladino
The web is full of designs and patterns, both good and bad, new and old. At times it all starts to blur together and the sites start resembling one another. Periodically I like to see what else is out there, to see what interesting ideas have yet to become the web trend of the month… –Aha!


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