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The Fantastic “4 Step” Marketing Software Solution to Digital Campaign Success

Posted on | September 18, 2017 | No Comments

Fantastic Four

When presented with opportunity to use do-it-yourself online marketing software that has 4 unique marketing software components to drive successful digital marketing campaigns, users should embrace the power. The Ennect online marketing “4 stepper” solution provides online marketers with a digital toolbox with all the tools to seamlessly shift into “full digital marketing” mode.  What are the components of the Ennect online marketing “4 stepper” solution?  They are Email, Survey, Event and Sweepstakes and any combination of these unique components, used correctly, will provide the WOW to any digital marketing campaign.

Here is a brief overview of the four online digital marketing software components:

Ennect Email
Ennect Mail is an easy-to-use email marketing program that sends mass email, provides powerful campaign reporting and analytics and isn’t bloated with add-ons that you pay for but seem to never use. List management is a breeze and hi-speed broadcasting is an afterthought.  Get your message out there and get it out fast!  Learn more about Ennect Mail.

Ennect Survey
Easily generate and send online surveys with Ennect Survey. With numerous survey templates and question layouts to choose from –  half the battle is already fought. Unique customizations and branding options guarantees your survey will look awesomely professional. Learn more about Ennect Survey.

Ennect Event
The tag line for Ennect Event is “Take Control of Event Chaos” and it seriously does just that – goodbye event logistics anxiety!  Ennect Event is one of the most powerful and complete online event software packages available and complete digital event management bliss is indeed obtainable.  Ennect Online Event Registration software is used by happy event planners and wise professionals in a wide spectrum of industries like higher education, manufacturing and non-profit children’s organizations. Get your “Eventing” on today with Ennect Event.

Ennect Sweepstakes
Ennect Sweeps lets users quickly run and monitor online sweepstakes. Ennect sweepstakes is a fun way for marketers to boost newsletter activity, build contact lists and give away fun prizes. Ennect Sweepstakes has a true random drawing component, customization and branding options and an email component baked in. Learn more about keeping clients and prospects engaged with Ennect Sweeps.

So, there you have it – the secret of the fantastic Ennect online marketing “4 stepper” for successful digital marketing campaigns is now yours.  Sign up for free Ennect digital toolbox trial today.

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