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Google Tax, Facebook Global Domination and The Millennial Question of Wi-Fi vs. Clean Underwear

Posted on | May 1, 2017 | No Comments

Millenials choose wifi or clean laundry

In this is edition of Ennect Online Marketing Software’s Social or Not, Here We Post we continue to learn more about Facebook’s goal of global domination, how Uber is trying to take a bite out of Apple’s iPhone and the question on everyone’ mind, “Would I rather have clean undies or Wi-Fi in my home?” Let’s get started on these stories and more social media, software and digital happenings.

Facebook envisions using brain waves to type words (Bloomberg)

Facebook’s algorithm is getting worse (Medium / Chicago tribune)

Facebook research targets emotionally vulnerable and insecure youth (

Google plans ad-blocking feature in popular chrome browser (Wall Street Journal)

Austria seeks to tax Google searches (Bloomberg)

Uber violates Apple’s iPhone privacy guidelines (New York Times)

Do you have what it takes to be a digital marketing sheriff (Theemarketingblog)

Hackers exploited Microsoft Word for months while Microsoft investigated (Reuters)

Broadband, Wi-Fi more important than clean underwear for apartment dwellers (Variety)

Check back soon for another edition of “Social or Not, Here We Post” and check out Ennect online marketing software for all of your online event registration and management needs and remember – The Journey Begins with Event Registration!


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