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“Social or Not, Here We Post” – Social Media Marketing and Digital Happenings

Posted on | March 27, 2017 | No Comments

Social Media Marketing Apps

So, what’s the latest digital scoop in the world of social media marketing?  Check out Ennect Online Marketing Software’s “Social or Not, Here We Post” social media, software and digital review.  This time we cover recent grumblings about online censorship, fake social media users, paying for the Blue Bird (Twitter) and a boycott of Google ads. Let’s get started!

As many as 48 million Twitter accounts aren’t people, says study (CNBC)
Beware the bot.

Twitter explores subscription-based option for first time (Yahoo)
Pay per Tweet.

Instagram Will Start Blurring ‘Offensive’ Photos (HEATSTREET)
Photo Filter On.

Google ad boycott could aim ire at ad-serving software (Yahoo)
Bad Ad Placement Scare.

Tune up Your Twitter for a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign (Elliance)
The Blue Bird Basics.

The Social Media Digital Supermarket (AHA)
So Many Digital Choices.

Check back soon for another edition of “Social or Not, Here We Post” and check out Ennect online marketing software for all of your online event registration and management needs and… Remember – The Journey Begins with Event Registration!


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