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Check out the latest burst of colorful blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.

A Blog About Blogging: A Cornerstone of Inbound Marketing Strategy
by Zahra Qureshi
Are you still debating whether blogging and content creation is beneficial for your business/higher education institution or not? Here are four reasons why blogging matters for inbound marketing strategy… – Aha!

Manufacturing Day 2016: Spotlight Organizations
by Kelly Wang
Manufacturing Day, an annual event held on the first Friday in October, “is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.” – Aha!

Welcome Back to Higher Education… Marketing
by Scott Kozelnik
It’s called Back to School, Welcome Week and New Student Orientation and it is a fall ritual at most higher education institutions. These fun-filled social events are an annual right for returning students and an initiation of sorts for incoming freshmen. – Aha! Higher Education Enrollment

Linkedin’s University and Company Pages Merge
by Amy Sicilia
In the past, universities have created both a Company Page and a University Page within Linkedin – mainly because each page offered different features and functionalities. Linkedin has been getting feedback, especially from higher education marketers, of this causing redundancy for admins and providing a confusing experience for Linkedin members. So to simplify this, they are merging the two pages into one combined Page. – Aha!

A Web of Insincerity
by R. Todd Erkel
A colleague of mine spoke a phrase several months ago that won’t stop ringing a clear and undeniable truth in my ear. After I showed him video from a flash mob brand launch, he said, “I hate that kind of fake energy.” – Aha!

Maximize your admissions potential with social
by Krystal Duke
College is expensive. The average cost of a four-year college degree in the United States is something like $31,374, per year. Which adds up to a whopping $125,498 by the time graduation rolls around. – Aha! Higher Education Social Media

CSS Grids Layouts are coming!
by Derek Palladino
This past June several Elliance team members had the pleasure of attending Web Design Day 2016. While many of the speakers presented interesting new ideas and techniques one seemed to stand out of the crowd for me, Jen Simmons’ ‘Revolutionize Your Page: Real Art Direction on the Web’. Her talk focused on upcoming web standards that will have great impact on how we design and develop web page layouts. – Aha!

Advanced Manufacturing Demands Advanced Marketing
by Craig Otto
Last week I toured the factory of a mid-sized OEM Manufacturer, and was blown away by what I saw. Robotic plasma cutters were going through huge 4-inch thick steel plates like hot knives through butter. – Aha!

Taking the Bland Out of Brand: Why Authenticity Matters in Higher Education Marketing
by Debbie Shiring
Stop what you’re doing and take a look around. How many brands do you see? Chances are that your morning coffee, handbag, phone, car and computer all have clear logos and identifiable brands – Aha!

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