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Are Twitter Hashtags Polluting The Social Media Digital Beach?

Posted on | September 2, 2016 | No Comments

Too Many Twitter Hashtags

Social media giant Twitter seems to be in the news a lot these days. From reports of financial instability to the rumor of expanding character limits, Twitter just can’t stay out of the tech media’s crosshairs. The most recent scrutiny of Twitter comes from Ryan McCready at Venngage.  Ryan’s article claims that Twitter hashtags are worthless.  Venngage looked at a sample of 137,052 tweets over a one week period and concluded that hashtags are now corrupted by bots and spammers making the hashtag premise useless and sometimes harmful to business.  Kind of like hashtag trash polluting the social media digital beach.

Most of us social media jockeys who hang out in the twittersphere have all seen the good side of twitter and the engagement and traffic that a properly managed Twitter account with appropriate hashtags can bring. We have also seen the suspect tweets and Twitter accounts that Ryan mentions in his analysis – I like to call them super-inflated mutant accounts.  These accounts looks fake, they appear in places (hashtags) they really shouldn’t, followers are inflated and it just feels like there is no life behind these accounts.  These are the accounts that give Twitter a bad reputation and crush true social media interaction.

Now, whether Twitter is still a viable social media tool is in the eye of the beholder. If the social media platform gets you good results then it obviously works great and if not, then reassess and decide if you are wasting your time with Twitter.  Try and find another social media platform that will better deliver your message, there are many out there.  Check out this really good advice on how to run a a clean and successful social media strategy from Elliance.

Here are a few articles and blogs showcasing the good and bad of Twitter:

Here is the complete infographic from Venngage titled Why Twitter Hashtags are Worthless.

Hashtags pollute


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