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Don’t Overlook the Basics of Do-it-yourself Event Website Design

Posted on | August 11, 2016 | No Comments

Content Mountain

Most do-it-yourself event management software packages should have built in content management systems (CMS) and templates for you to follow when building your page.  Although most event registration software applications like Ennect are very easy to use and design, we thought we’d provide some of the most obvious items to have on your webpage.

Use Logo and Branding
Since your event webpage is a representation of your company be sure to include your logo and branding scheme. Most companies have a branding guideline or some documentation providing direction for logo and color usage.  If your company does not have any instruction on color or logo usage, just use common sense or contact your event management software rep for assistance and ideas.  You certainly don’t want clients landing on your event webpage that looks nothing like your main marketing website. Don’t cause confusion and elevated bounce rates.

A Mountain of Content Will Overwhelm
Prospective registrants should not have to climb “Mt. Content” to get to their registration destination.  Don’t over-saturate your main event page with tons of content for users to wade through.  Keep it simple and utilize other webpages for detailed content on venue, events, pricing and other important information.  Spread the event 411 around.

Working Contact Information
Pretty simple.  Provide an email address. Provide a phone number. Provide social media links (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  Not much can go wrong here except if the phone isn’t answered, the email not checked and the social media is out of date. Avoid registrant frustration and keep open and clean lines of communications.

Those three design points are a good start in building a great do-it-yourself event website.  For information on do-it-yourself event management, registration and design visit


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