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Digital Marketing

Check out the latest wave of blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.

Manufacturing is Dead…
by Bob Taylor
We are all tired of hearing that American manufacturing is dead. It would seem that manufacturing has found a way to adapt and overcome. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha!

Sports and Politics = Rocket Fuel for Higher Education Enrollment Marketing
by Scott Kozelnik
Sports and politics are ultimate flashpoint topics that will ignite any conversation hotter than combustible rocket fuel. So how does this apply to the higher education conversation? Read more about higher education enrollment marketing – Aha!
Higher Education Enrollment

Manufacturing Marketing – The Importance of Branding
by Kelly Wang
In a recent article, the National Association of Manufacturers reported on manufacturing statistics. Emphasized were the merits of pursuing a career in the industry. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha!

Manufacturing Marketing: Are you where your target audience is?
by Zahra Qureshi
When manufacturing companies make decisions on which marketing tactics to use, one thing to consider is the changing habits of their target audience. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha!
Manufacturing Marketing

Persuading Robots
by Craig Otto
Marketing is no longer just about persuading human beings. It’s also about persuading Google Bots. Read more about digital marketing – Aha!

Start Web Animations Early: A Study Guide
by Derek Palladino
During the development of a web site, the front end plays key roles throughout the process. Read more about website development – Aha!

Do emojis in email subject lines trigger spam filters?
by Krystal Duke
Do emojis really trigger spam filters? As a major emoji enthusiast, a connoisseur if you will, of the best way to emojify my conversations, I had to know. Read more about emojis and email marketing – Aha!
Email Marketing

Google Announces Expanded Paid Text Ads
by Amy Sicilia
With people relying on mobile more than ever – over half of the trillions of Google searches happen on mobile – Google recently announced changes to favor the mobile experience. Google Announces Expanded Paid Text Ads. Read more about Google advertising – Aha!

Not Just a Doorway
by Jordan Chepke
The architecture and design that goes into a website. Read more about website design – Aha!
website design

Plugging the Leaky Bucket
by Amir Mirza
When it comes to higher education and small and midsize business (SMB) lead harvesting, it is not uncommon to see many sub-domains working in tandem with main marketing websites to generate traffic and inquiries. Read more about lead harvesting – Aha!

Overcoming B2B content marketing challenges
by Meliha Zekovic
According to a recent Gallup report, 71 percent of B2B customers aren’t engaged. Meaning, they are readily willing to take their business elsewhere should an opportunity arise. Read more about B2B marketing – Aha!


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