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Are you social media safe?

Posted on | June 20, 2016 | No Comments

Password Security And the security hits keep on coming! Recent hacks with Twitter and other social media platforms have users on edge as stolen credentials and personal information is showing up for sale on dark net markets. It seems that mass redundant password usage is a huge security issue – not for only social media but for entertainment and shopping accounts like Netflix and Amazon. Check out this infographic and articles below for further information on how the social media realm is reacting to these hacks and a few tips on how to protect your online accounts.

It’s never too late to be safe – now is a good time to review your login credentials. If you do need help or have seen issues on your Facebook, Twitter or G+ social media accounts you can contact the following for help:

  • Facebook Help Center Hacked Accounts
  • Twitter Help Center Compromised Accounts
  • Google Help: Recover a Compromised Gmail Account

Are you social media safe?


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