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Make Your Class Reunion One to Remember With Do-it-yourself Online Event Registration Software and Tools

Posted on | May 24, 2016 | No Comments

Make Your Class Reunion One to Remember With Do-it-yourself Online Event Registration Software and Tools
You can’t believe it, 25 years already! Where has the time gone? It seems like it was only yesterday that you dawned the cap and gown and were “high-fiving” your friends at your high school or college graduation.  You’ve always been the one to take charge and this task is no different – you have taken up the mantle of Class Reunion Event Coordinator! Now go be an event hero, embrace reunion bliss and crush planning anxiety with Ennect Event online registration tools.

Take charge by using online do-it-yourself event registration software to streamline the process. Online event management will give you complete control of all facets of event planning and will provide you with a real time attendance count, dinner selections, tee-shirt sizes and other important logistics.

Here are only a few ideas on how to get started with Ennect:

  • Everyone has an email or Facebook page these days right? Use in-software email invitations to easily reach your reunion email contact list with updates and registration links. Post your event webpage link on classmates and schools Facebook pages to let them know that the reunion is nigh and registration is open.
  • An online event registration webpage with credit card payment portal is such a game changer and time saver. You ditch the paperwork and check cashing and go straight to electronic processing. Easy for both planners and registrants alike.
  • If you are looking for input from your class mates you can use an online survey to gather helpful information such as best dates and places to have the reunion.

There are so many other tools that do-it-yourself online event management software brings to the table that you will be happy you decided to use it. Learn more about the entire Ennect suite of online event tools that will make this class reunion one to remember.


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