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Are you making the right call to action with do-it-yourself email marketing?

Posted on | April 7, 2016 | No Comments

email design Here is a question that is as old as time or at least email (1970’s) that email marketers always contemplate – “What’s the secret to getting email recipients to click on the primary call to action link in your email?”  Are you ready to be blown away with some digital marketing genius? … The answer is – have one focused and prevalent call to action.  That’s right, one.  Readers need to see the target link in order to click it.  It makes no sense to have your reader going click happy on tons of links and risk having them get lost in the link swamp.

Here are a few ideas on how to help with your email call to actions:

Guide Your Reader:  Show them the way with directive email copy. Target, and most online retail companies do this well as they lead prospective buyers with directive calls to action:

  • Look inside
  • View the sale
  • Buy now with 1-Click
  • Give as a gift
  • Add to wish list
  • Send sample now
  • Shop now
  • Apply now
  • Share

A Colorful Call to Action:  A call to action should be prevalent to a reader. Smart call to action button placement and the use of meaningful images can all contribute to successful conversions. The right color combination can influence more clicks.  A study by Quicksprout concludes that people make a subconscious judgment for action within 90 seconds of viewing a product and 90% of those people base their action on color!

Urgency Produces Results: People are busy, attention spans are short and action needs to happen almost immediately after emails are opened. Use time sensitive action words and phrases like Today, Only 2 Days Left and Now in your email call to action copy to improve results.

Do-it-yourself Email Marketing Software: Save time by using email marketing software that saves email templates which can be easily used over and over again and edited for content.  Multiple emails in stages – primary, follow up and final with alternate copy and the same call to action directive can help to increase clicks on the target link.  Spend more time on writing copy and less time on the technical.

In the end, it is all about what gets results.  Good luck and here is your call to actionTry Ennect Marketing Software Free Now!



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