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Online Marketing, Live Events and Print Receive the Lion’s Share of Many 2016 Marketing Budgets

Posted on | March 2, 2016 | No Comments

Online marketing software Is it feast or famine with your marketing budget this year? That’s pretty much the gist of Target Marketing’s recent Media Usage Survey 2016. The results showed about 36% of respondents had increased their marketing budget from 2015, 39% stayed the course, 13% decreased spending and 11% have no idea or what their budgets are.

According to the new survey, the top media channels that are receiving the lion’s share of many 2016 marketing budgets include:

  • Online marketing (37.1%)
  • Print (28.5%)
  • Live events (21.3%)

One way to enhance online marketing efforts and be marketing budget friendly is with do-it-yourself online marketing software. Online marketing software can help:

  • Save time and money
  • Keep marketing tasks out of the IT Department
  • Automate many email and survey processes
  • and so much more!

“Ennect is a great solution for a small business in the confusing big world of social media and online registration,” explains Kathy. “The Ennect product is not only tons more affordable, but it makes your company looks super professional, not to mention it also saves trees!”

Kathy Stevens, Evolution Fitness, educational programming director

With 21% of 2016 marketing budgets allocated for live events, using do-it-yourself event management software can make online event registration successful and event logistics easier.

“And, when we had questions, Ennect’s customer service was really responsive. They even came up with ideas to help us get people to sign up—like early bird pricing—and showed us how to save money by treating multiple classes as a single event. Ennect Event has saved our volunteers an amazing amount of time and effort.”

Susan Liebeler, International Ninety-Nines’ Southwest Section, Fund-Raising Chair

Learn more about how Ennect’s online marketing tools can help you succeed.


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