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Smartphone Users Tired of the Digital Tether Are Trending Retro

Posted on | February 24, 2016 | No Comments

Smartphone trends

There is a growing trend amongst a segment of smartphone users to power down and go retro. What does this mean? It seems that the digital fatigue of being tethered to a device harnessed with email, text, social media, video and every other app under the sun and moon is finally taking a toll. Celebrities, office workers, artists, skaters, tired techies and everyday smartphone users have been disconnecting and going retro on “dumb” phones. “Dumb” phones provide just straight-up phone service (calling only) with some models having very limited Internet access.

The Financial Times interviewed British actor Eddie Redmayne about the growing segment of “Smartphone Refuseniks” and the actor explained, “It was a reaction against being glued permanently to my iPhone during waking hours,” he explained, turning instead to an old-fashioned “dumb phone” handset that could only make and take calls.”

Smartphone dropouts are citing the following reasons for their actions:

  • Expensive smartphones are easily broken
  • Constant recharging is tedious
  • A new, better version always follows a recent purchase
  • An abundance of stress of being part of the wired world

In 2015, 44 million basic “dumb” phones were sold. Growing alternatives to the current smartphone market are sprouting up just like flower bulbs in springtime and one of these is The Light Phone. The Light Phone’s message sums up this retro movement perfectly – “It’s not anti-technology, it’s just human.”

Head over to our Ennect survey and let us know what you think – Stay connected 24/7, disconnect and go retro or balance it out.

Smartphone trends


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