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Simply Amplify Your Digital Message with a Do-it-yourself Viewsletter

Posted on | February 10, 2016 | No Comments

Is that monthly email blast alert popping up on your Google calendar again? Well then you better get started gathering content, making those template tweaks, finding decent photos and collecting all other digital accoutrements associated with blasting out your message. If you are thinking that you just don’t have time for all of that, then you need to transform that bloated email blast into a sleek and purposeful digital viewsletter with these content placement and design tips:

  1. Keep your opening topic confined to a paragraph or less, add visual reinforcement and boom! Reader hooked, knowledge transferred and point made.
  2. Next, in a sentence or two, announce a recent award winning project, scheduled seminar or upcoming appearance at a conference or tradeshow event.
  3. Keep it going by introducing a recent all-star hire or touting a game changing business accomplishment.
  4. Close it all out with a recent blog post or even a preview of next month’s viewsletter.

There you have it – a tight and powerful way to communicate while keeping within the reader’s attention span. To see how this is done right, check out the latest viewsletter from Elliance. For online do-it-yourself marketing software that empowers you to quickly create, launch and track viewsletter campaigns visit

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