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Value Added Ad-ons For a True Do-it-yourself Event Management Experience

Posted on | January 19, 2016 | No Comments

Ad-ons for do-it-yourself event management software The most basic function of do-it-yourself event management software is to seamlessly and simply register attendees. The ability to correctly gather attendee information such as name, address and contact information is elementary and should be an afterthought. So what else should comprehensive online event management software do? Good question and the answer is add-on features. Add-on features provide event managers with the convenience to sell event items, accept donations, gather shirt sizes, obtain dinner options and much more through the online event registration website.

Savvy veteran Ennect User Kathy Stevens, the educational programming director for the Evolution Fitness Conference uniquely utilizes event add-ons for her annual health and fitness events. Kathy stated, “We needed an affordable solution that offered the ability to register attendees for an event with a multitude of options and add-ons. We also needed to track and control very specific detail on the backend, like maximum room limits and discount codes.”

Here are some ideas on how to use event add-ons:

  • Sell event merchandise such as golf shirts, sweatshirts and baseball hats and be able to collect size, color and quantity
  • Allow attendees to pre-register for off-site entertainment options like golf events, sight-seeing and concerts
  • Set up a donation platform
  • Capture meal selections
  • Up-sell registrations

Having event add-ons built into the event management platform also provides holistic event reporting which eliminates multiple spread sheets and tracking documents for all those extras. It’s all right there in the product and that’s why Ennect is a true do-it-yourself event management software.


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