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The Top Ten The Emarketing Blog Posts of 2015

Posted on | January 6, 2016 | No Comments

Happy New Year! In following the tradition of New Year’s “Top Ten” lists here are the Top Ten eMarketing Blog Posts of 2015! These blog posts were chosen for the list because you liked them the most! We took into consideration the amount of traffic and overall engagement for each post. Thank you for visiting and reading our weekly blog on topics ranging from do-it-yourself event management to social media practices to marketing tips and tricks. We appreciate your interest and keep clicking through in 2016.

Now without further ado, The Top Ten eMarketing Blog Posts of 2015!

Honorable Mention – An Ennect Tribute to former “Late Show” host David Letterman – Top Ten Reasons to Use Do-it-yourself Online Marketing Software
Here is our “Top Ten List” tribute to former “Late Show” host David Letterman who retired in May 2015. Letterman was famous for his unique brand of comedy, celebrity interviews and hilarious Top Ten List. Read more.

do-it-yourself online marketing software


#10 – Next Stop, the Client Experience Zone!
You are about to enter another dimension of business. A journey into a wondrous land of customer service. Next stop, the Client Experience Zone! Read more.

customer service


#9 – Awaken Your Creative Marketing Force with Digital Do-it-yourself Tools and Online Applications
Find a software or app that you are comfortable with and go forth and create. And remember the wise words that Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Read more.

Do-it-yourself marketing software


#8 – In The Marketing Game of Winner Takes All – Will You Bluff or Go All In?
Are you holding a marketing full-house? If so, push the chips and go all in as the chances of winning are high. Read more.

marketing software


#7 – Get Hooked on Event Management Software for Outdoor Activities this Spring
An efficient way for event planners to register volunteers for outdoor activities is with an easy-to-use online event registration application. Read more.

do-it-yourself event management


#6 – Use the “Wow” Factor in Online Marketing Campaigns When Fishing For Attention
Make sure the “Wow” factor is in play when creating email marketing, event management communications and online survey campaigns. Read more.
do-it-yourself marketing


#5 – Catching up on 50 Years of Father’s Day Events with Peanuts and Cracker Jack
Hey dads, did you know that Father’s Day was made official over 50 years after Mother’s Day? Read more.

Fathers Day Events


#4 – Google Provides Gmail Users with a Thor’s Hammer Solution for Conquering Spam and Unwanted Emails
Google recently gave Gmail users a Thor’s Hammer solution in the form of a powerful “Block” button to deal with unwanted emails and spam within their Gmail universe. Read more.

Email Spam


#3 – A Colorful Call to Action for Increased Event Registration
Did you know that with the right color combination you can influence more clicks? Read more.

Color marketing


#2 – This Time it’s Personal! Appropriate Salutations Increase Positive Email Metrics
Industry studies show that personalizing your emails greetings towards individuals will help elevate open and click-through rates. Read more.

email marketing


#1 -Herding Cats with Event Management Software
Getting that stampede of attendees into one location and registered into the right program and event slot takes true grit, talent and planning. Read more.

do-it-yourself event registration


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