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Pre-game Prep for a Successful 2016 Conference and Event Slate

Posted on | December 2, 2015 | No Comments

Online Event Management You made it, the event calendar year end has arrived! So with all of the marketing prep and sales forecasting for the upcoming year, be sure to review your trade show and conference logistics as well. Whether you are attending off-site events or are creating with online do-it-yourself event management software, here are some industry tips to help you prepare for and succeed in 2016.

  • Review your trade show materials and exhibit booth to be sure it is all up-to-date with your company’s branding guideline.
  • Think about managing your hosted events with do-it-yourself event management software. Easily register attendees and provide an event website and landing pages for user orientation.
  • Analyze costs for shipping your containers in house vs. using a third party logistics vendor.
  • Event apps will rule the trade show floor. According to Vantage Advertising, foot-traffic technology is one such feature that may be regularly utilized at events to tell exhibitors and attendees where the most trade show action is taking place and points them in the right direction.
  • Include Lead Retrieval Software (LRS) at your event site. Have LRS loaded up on smartphones, iPads and tablets so visitors can voluntarily enter their contact information is efficient and convenient. And because having that bag full of business cards and entering them into your CRM just isn’t fun.
  • Ask attendees about their experiences and what they thought of your event with post event surveys. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

Good luck in 2016 and for more information on do-it-yourself marketing software and online event registration solutions visit


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