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Online Surveys Forecast Political Winds On Eve of Democratic Presidential Debate

Posted on | October 13, 2015 | No Comments

Do-it-yourself online marketing software With the first Democratic party presidential debate upon us, Democrats now get a turn to persuade America why they should rise or fall in the national polls and online surveys.

Republican Recap
Over the past few months we’ve seen a series of Republican debates and have followed several online surveys and polls to track the political pulse of the American right. Donald Trump’s presidential stock continues to rise and we’ve seen former Texas Governor Rick Perry drop out and retire to the political locker room. Most online surveys show Trump with a slight lead for the Republican nomination of over Dr. Ben Carson with Marco Rubio and Carli Fiorina closing in.

Democrats Up
On the eve of first Democratic presidential debate several prominent online surveys and polls are forecasting leads for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with the rest of political left following closely behind.

  • CBS News2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination – Clinton 46%, Sanders 27%, Biden 16%, Webb 2%, O’Malley 0, Chafee 0
  • GravisNew Hampshire 2016 Democratic Primary – Sanders 33%, Clinton 30%, Biden 11%, O’Malley 2%, Webb 1%, Chafee 1%
  • Monmouth University2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination – Clinton 42%, Biden 22%, Sanders 20%
  • Fox News2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination – Clinton 45%, Sanders 25%, Biden 19%, Webb 0, O’Malley 1%, Chafee 0

Tune in to see the debate fireworks as future online surveys and political poll results will surely ebb and flow. Who will win the nomination? Hillary, Bernie, latecomer Joe Biden or an undecided like Elizabeth Warren?

Online Tools for Grassroots Support
A smart and easy way for grassroots political organizations to provide support for their candidates is with online marketing software and applications. Online event registration software can help streamline candidate rallies and fundraisers and a an easy-to-use online survey companion can help forecast which way the political winds are blowing.


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