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Tie the Front-end of your Event to the Back-end with Do-it-Yourself Online Marketing Software

Posted on | October 8, 2015 | No Comments

Do-it-yourself online marketing software When thinking about event planning what comes to mind? Is the focus mainly on front-end event preparations such as venue selection, event websites, attendee registration, online payments and communications? For many event planners the answer is yes. So what happens once the keynote is finished, the awards dinner has ended, attendees check out and you find yourself back at your office? You know – the event back-end. Here is a good customer service and marketing tip, try a post-event online survey to complete the event cycle. Post-event surveys provide much needed event feedback and valuable attendee intelligence that can be used to enhance future conferences and trade shows. A quality do-it-Yourself online marketing software suite should always include an accompanying survey tool to enhance the event management program.

When looking for a post-event or conference evaluation survey program look for these options:

  • Survey Templates: Choices. Can you start from scratch and use your own logic or use pre-designed survey templates to help save on time and money.
  • Question Types: Options. From open-ended text boxes to drop down lists, each style has a unique way of drawing out candid feedback.
  • Survey Execution: Communication. Does the event program have an accompanying email tool add-on or methods of mass communication?
  • Survey Reports: Analyze. Are filters easily applied for group or individual responses and easily exported? Are there graphs and charts to add visual impact?

Visit Ennect do-it-yourself online marketing software for additional information on how to seamlessly tie the front-end of your event to the back-end.


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