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The Bounce Wasn’t Always So Bad… Then Came the Email Bounce Back

Posted on | September 3, 2015 | No Comments

Email Bounce BackThe Good Bounce: During the 1960’s NBC hosted a television show titled Sing Along with Mitch in which conductor Mitch Miller prompted the audience to “sing along; and follow the bouncing ball!” Email Bounce BackThe bouncing ball, created by Fleischer Studios in 1925, was an animated ball that bounced over lyrics on screen to help audiences proceed with rhythm and sing along throughout songs. That little bouncing ball was in fashion from the 1920’s through the 1970’s and brought cheer and happiness to movie theater patrons, cartoon watchers and television consumers alike. That was a good bounce.

The Bad Bounce: Fast-forward through history to the 1990’s and the rise of mass email and the appearance of the dreaded bouncing email. The bounced-back email is the bane of most email marketers and is the source of much frustration and missed sales opportunities. Email Bounce Back Bounced emails come in hard and soft form and are a digital communication impediment. A hard bounce is when an email address is simply invalid (e.g. typo, blocked, etc.) and a soft bounce is an email that actually reached the email server destination, but never reached the recipient for some reason (e.g. mailbox full, message to large, etc.). This is the bad bounce.

So let’s turn those email bounce frowns upside down! Here are some tips on how to cope with bounced emails and ideas on how to filter email lists and streamline your email marketing process to minimalize the bounce back.

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