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Fishing Tactics for the Twittersphere

Posted on | August 13, 2015 | No Comments

As an avid fisherman I am fortunate that the Ennect Online Marketing Software office is located on the banks of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, PA. This summer, I decided to turn my work lunch hours into short fishing trips. It’s a nice break from the first four hours of the day and clears the mind for the rest of the working day. The other day I was composing social media content for Twitter and I figured it was a good place to call a break and head out on my lunch fishing expedition. Upon arriving down at the water’s edge I started casting in my usual manner but to no avail, the action was quiet. I was using a lure that had worked many times previously on the same spot but on that day it just didn’t have any fish appeal. I decided to switch tactics and use a different colored lure and move a bit down river in hopes of a bite. The result of changing tactics and location – a salvaged lunchtime fishing trip and five fish caught and released. When I got back to my desk after lunch, I started to think about how changing up tactics and location in fishing could be applied to increasing traffic and action to Twitter social media posts.

Here are my thoughts on fishing the Twittersphere:

  • Twitter is the river in the Social Media ecosystem that you choose to fish
  • The #hashtag is the part or direction of the river that you are casting your line into. Sort of like casting into structures that you know should hold fish like clusters of lily pads and underwater logs in a pond. If there is little action try casting into another location.
  • The content in your tweet is the shiny lure used to entice a bite. If interaction is slow, try changing it up to trigger action.
  • The link in the tweet is the sharp barbed hook that will land the catch in the conversion and analytics creel.

So good luck on your next social media fishing trip and don’t forget to practice catch and release because repeat traffic makes social media analytics and fishing fun!

We’d like to hear your fishing tales, let us know if you have any good ones!

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” – John Buchan


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