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Common Sense Content Could Tilt Event Registration in Your Favor

Posted on | June 23, 2015 | No Comments

When you think of event planning what type of event does your mind usually conjure up? An industry tech conference? How about an extravagant corporate retreat? Or maybe a higher education recruiting event? Well, I think most event marketing minds can agree that no matter the purpose and magnitude of the event, it won’t be a success without attendees. So in addition to all of the pertinent information that you’ve gathered for the upcoming event be sure to try these common sense content tips in your event email blasts and landing pages to help swell your event registration rosters.

The Hope of Discovery: Let your prospects know exactly why they should attend. Let them know what they will discover and how it can positively impact their roles. Optimism and knowledge gained is the important take home item although a branded pen or chotchkie is cool too.

Presenter Fanfare: If you have a keynote speaker or presenter that is well known within your industry circles or just a celebrity for hire, be sure to cast the spotlight on them. The possibility for an autograph, photo opportunity or handshake can be the deciding factor for someone sitting on the registration fence.

Destination Desire: Let’s face it. If your event is being held in Miami, Florida when most of the country is experiencing a deep dark winter you will probably see an uptick in attendance just for the venue. Plan your venue accordingly as it will possibly help travelers make up their mind on whether or not they are attending. Also be sure to include extra-curricular activities and fun events that will be taking place outside of conference hours.

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