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Online Event Registration Helps Parents Cope with the Summertime Blues

Posted on | June 9, 2015 | No Comments

 Online Event Registration Helps Parents Cope with the Summertime Blues Rock star Alice Cooper’s song “School’s Out” is the timeless anthem that signifies the end of the school year and the beginning of Summer vacation for many children. The song’s lyrics “Schools out for summer” leaves some parents in a tizzy and panicking on what to do with the boredom of their now free range children. The solution to quell those parental summertime blues? Summer camp! There are so many different varieties of summer activities, camps and clubs that meet the needs, time slots and expectations of both parents and children alike. These days most organizations make it really easy for parents – from finding a fun event to signing up their kids – it all can be done online. Together parents and children can visit an organization’s event website and choose which activities they like, find convenient time slots and then sign up through an online registration portal. Most organizations also offer the convenience of paying for a camp or activity through an online payment portal on their event website.

Here are a few fun ideas for summer day camp events to look explore:

  • Most zoos offer full or half day summer camp activities
  • Art classes can be both fun, creative and educational
  • Scouting and outdoor clubs help explore nature in its finest form
  • Dance and gymnastics classes keep the kids fit and active
  • Museum classes offer unique educational experiences
  • Check your local city and community programs for free summer activities

Having to cope with the transition from the school day ritual to summer vacation can be hectic for parents but by finding the right summer activity online can be stress-free and fun. Learn more about how organizations are using online event management software to register children for summer camp events by visiting Happy Summer!


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