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Event Management Software Keeps Users from Slipping a Priority Rung

Posted on | May 13, 2015 | No Comments

ladder-to-success1 When planning an event where do you start? Logistically it could be the toughest ladder to climb all year. Does picking a venue first outweigh creating an event website or landing page? Do you create and upload your attendee email list prior to picking keynote speakers or presenters? Well, if you want to accomplish all of these tasks and more without any of them slipping a priority rung you need a proven holistic event management tool for extra grip. Here are some case studies and great stories on how Ennect users successfully managed their events and conferences from initial communication to online registration payments to final reporting.

Los Angeles Fitness Conference Registration
When you are organizing an event in Los Angeles, with the hottest names in the fitness industry, it’s pretty obvious that demand from attendees will be strong. But, how do you register everyone without breaking the bank or driving yourself crazy? “The Ennect product is not only tons more affordable, but it makes your company looks super professional, not to mention it also saves trees!” Learn how to slim down the registration process.

Corporate Environmental Educational Seminars
Environmental water industry leader used Ennect marketing software to help municipalities, engineering firms and operators learn how to keep Americans and Canadians safe from life-threatening, water-borne diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera. “Ennect was the best and easiest way to communicate our program, know who signed up and retain the contact lists for future use.” Learn how to obtain event clarity.

Top Pennsylvania Technology Partnership Event
One of the longest-running technology-based economic development programs in the US hosts an annual event that brings together leading business and technical experts from around the nation to discuss strategy and other ways to strengthen regional economies. “If you have a high-end annual event and want to make credit card payment easy for guests without creating more work for yourself, Ennect Event is a good way to go.” Learn how to add credit to your event by making registration payments easier.

Non-Profit Eye Health Clinic Registration of Underprivileged Children
Charitable foundation provides free vision care and eyewear to underprivileged individuals in North America and developing countries around the world. Part of the Foundation’s State-side activity revolves around delivering free eye examinations to US school children. With Ennect Event, nonprofit event registration is made easy. Attendees can easily access information and details about the event ahead of time. Online registration saves time and removes the problems associated with onsite paperwork. “Using Ennect is a huge timesaver. It makes it much easier to pull quick reports.” Learn how to provide event focus with detailed reporting.

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