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A Colorful Call to Action for Increased Event Registration

Posted on | May 1, 2015 | No Comments

A Colorful Call to Action for Increased Event Registration Event registration conversions should be an event manager’s top objective. When hosting an event website there are many industry proven ways to help trigger those registration call to action buttons. Writing intriguing and directive web copy, smart call to action button placement and the use of meaningful images can all contribute to successful conversions but did you know that with the right color combination you can influence more clicks? A study by Quicksprout concludes that people make a subconscious judgement for action within 90 seconds of viewing a product and 90% of those people base their action on color!

What colors will you use for your call-to-action?

  • Yellow: Optimistic and youthful and is often used to grab attention
  • Red: Creates a sense of urgency and energy used for clearance sales or last chances
  • Blue: Implies trust and security
  • Green: Associated with wealth and is the easiest color for the eyes to process
  • Orange: Aggressive and creates a call to action – consider using this for sign-ups
  • Black: Powerful and sleek
  • Purple: Soothing and calm

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