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American Politics and the State of the Email Marketing Union

Posted on | March 24, 2015 | No Comments

politics and email Technology and the email habits of politicians are once again at the forefront of our country’s political discourse.  First, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is accused of using a private email server in her home to send email marketing and donation campaigns on behalf of The Clinton Foundation while she was on the job as Secretary of State. On the opposite side of both the political and inbox spectrum is self-declared digital-free South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham on NBC’s Meet the Press said, “I don’t email. No, you can have every email I’ve ever sent. I’ve never sent one.” Don’t forget about tech-savvy IRS Director Lois Lerner who mysteriously deleted a significant amount of politically sensitive emails from her account just as congress was asking for them. To top it all off, former U.S Vice-President and “Father of the Internet” Al Gore is rumored to be testing the waters for a 2016 presidential run. As the back and forth political banter on how our elected officials misuse technology continues to be fodder for the nightly news shows, email marketers can rest assured that the American citizenry knows how to correctly use email. Here are some reassuring statistics from a recent Pew Research study on who is using email:

  • The most frequent email users are college graduates and those who earn more than $75,000 a year (Pew Research)
  • The least frequent users are high school dropouts and Americans who earn less than $30,000 (Pew Research)
  • 90% of the politicians give the other 10% a bad reputation. (Henry A. Kissinger – This wasn’t part of the study, we just thought it was great wisdom)

So for all of the small, medium and large-sized organizations out there across the fruited plains that use online marketing software for their email marketing campaigns and communications – The state of the email marketing union is strong!


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