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Get Hooked on Event Management Software for Outdoor Activities this Spring

Posted on | March 12, 2015 | No Comments

Event Registration Software For Marathon Events Winter has finally receded and thoughts now turn to warmer days and outdoor events. Now is the time of year when many groups organize clean-up events to tidy up local playgrounds, fishing streams, bike trails and parks from the mess that winter has left behind. Rallying volunteers for a weekend clean up event may take some hard convincing and that’s why event registration should be the easy part. An efficient way for event planners to register volunteers for outdoor activities is with an easy-to-use online event registration application like Ennect.

Case in point, opening day of the 2015 trout fishing season for several states is next month. In preparation, outdoor clubs and conservation groups can easily manage a lake, trail or stream clean up with Ennect online event registration software. Event planners can simply create a custom website landing page and direct members to visit the event page to register. If the event is an all-day affair, organizers can offer multiple time slots on the event website to accommodate volunteer preferences. Event planners can easily track and access detailed reporting on volunteer requests for hip-waders, gloves, tools and the all-important event tee-shirt through event management software add-on modules. Online event management software is also a great green alternative for organizations who are stewards of the environment looking for a complete online paperless solution for event registration.

Here are a some dates for the 2015 trout openers nationwide – Get your event organized!

  • Pennsylvania Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 18
  • Illinois Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 4
  • New Jersey Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 4
  • New York Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 1
  • Missouri Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 1
  • Connecticut Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 11

Happy Fishing!


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