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Don’t Hold The Bag Too Long – It Could Mean the Difference Between Good and Bad Business Karma!

Posted on | December 3, 2013 | No Comments

So you made your sales pitch, had the right conversations and upon returning back to office from the most recent, hip industry trade show, you find yourself holding the bag. You know the bag, the one with all those business cards with email contacts.

What do you do now? Well, recency is the friend of memory, so don’t wait too long to upload those email contacts into your online marketing email software!

A day or two after you are back in the office go ahead and craft and blast your follow-up email. Make a reference to where you just met, keep the email short and provide your contact info. All of those new tradeshow business contacts and prospective clients will be amazed at how tech savvy you are and assured that you are a serious business pro, interested in learning more about their needs.

If you use the right type of online marketing software, it will be easy to send an email specific to your recent meeting and then, add them to your larger email list.

Fostering positive business karma means staying top of mind. That’s where an online marketing software tool gives you the advantage.


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