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Online Marketing Software or Basic Email To Keep Social Media Clicking?

Posted on | October 17, 2013 | No Comments

Most businesses these days heavily invest in keeping their brand relevant within social media circles and it is no surprise that most emails are deluged with social media icons like Facebook or Twitter. It makes sense to include links in your emails directing your customers and clients to your social media websites but should you include the colorful icons or simply the links? Well, the answer is, “it depends.”Online Marketing Software

If you are sending email from your Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird or other provider, it’s probably best to go with a simple text email to get your message delivered.  Here’s a big reason why, images and logos as part of text emails are prime targets for spam filters and security catch-alls that can cause numerous deliverability roadblocks and crush open rates.  For example:

  • Images may get sent as attachments and end up quarantined or undeliverable.
  • It is almost impossible when using images to know how it will show up in all email clients.
  • Adding images can break the design and layout of your email and make it hard to read.
  • Most email clients do not show images by default and prompt users to choose to download or show images, so they may not appear anyway.

Now, if you want to include all those colorful social media icons in your email and actually have the whole message intact when it arrives in a recipient’s mailbox, then an online marketing software like Ennect Mail is the way to go.  Here’s why:

  • Most web-based marketing software send email from non-black listed IP addresses, which significantly reduce the risk of messages from being blocked.
  • Web-based marketing software like Ennect allows users to easily create customized html emails to support their branding needs with logos, images and colors.
  • Many online marketing email programs offer reporting options that let users see if an email was delivered and opened.
  • An on-call customer service helpdesk is always a boon when you have pre-launch questions on your social media email campaigns.

In the end, it might be better to stick with a text only email for everyday email communications, so just type out any links to your social media or brand websites in the body or signature panel and it should work fine.  When it comes to larger email campaigns, employing online marketing software such as Ennect Mail produces a more conducive environment for including images, social media icons and branding in your messaging.


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