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Q – I have a third party payment gateway that I’ve used for a long time. Can I use this company with Ennect Event?

Posted on | June 28, 2013 | No Comments

A. We understand that old habits are hard to break so while the answer is, yes you can, after reading what happened to one of our Ennect Event marketing software clients you might not want to!

Our customer support staff received a frantic call from a client who was thrown into the frustrating scenario of having their third party payment gateway crash during open registration due to an unannounced software update. The client was facing the proverbial “rock and a hard place” experience and time was of the essence. We were able to avert a crisis by seamlessly switching to the Ennect Event payment portal and payments quickly started being processed again.

However, stop and think about what the client endured before they contacted us. They were in the middle of open event registration and the payments stopped coming. The phones started ringing off the hook with disgruntled pre-registrants. Or, perhaps even worse, some people might have gotten so frustrated that they decided the event wasn’t worth the hassle and decided not to attend. It definitely added a great deal of stress to the person in charge.

Ennect prides itself on being a user-friendly marketing software solution with a flexible and dependable event registration module with a reliable payment portal for the collection of registrant fees. Many people don’t realize that Ennect’s payment portal is often more cost effective, too.

Getting back to the initial question, of course, we’ll let you use your existing third party payment portal. We felt compelled to give more than a yes or no answer though, since the success of your event (not to mention how high your blood pressure could soar) depends on you having all the information you need to choose the right payment option.


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