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Is Managing your List Really That Important?

Posted on | February 6, 2013 | No Comments

If you are like most people, list management ranks right up there with flossing your teeth; you know you should but you never have the time. A recent article published by B2B online might convince you that list management is vital to your success. This article offers up seven simple but effective tips to improve your marketing email lists that could result in rewarding prospects. A marketing email list that is up-to-date, free of inactive contacts, bouncebacks and other speed bumps can improve overall prospect and client communications, enhance a company’s business reputation and best of all – increase lead generation and sales conversions. On top of B2B’s seven tips, utilizing a turnkey online marketing software program like Ennect Mail to manage your marketing email list can automate many of the key processes such as removing opt-outs and corralling bounce backs that are needed to needed to maintain a healthy and productive email roster.

Click here to read more about B2B’s seven simple steps to email list management.


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