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Creating a Holiday Message that Stands Out

Posted on | December 21, 2012 | No Comments

Exactly how many holiday greetings did you receive this year? Probably more than you can count, since thousands of companies use email to send holiday wishes to their clients and customers. Here’s a more insightful question; how often did you take the time to respond to those holiday greetings?

This year, our parent company sent the following card.

We were very surprised by the number of people who responded to the card. One person wrote, “I always enjoy you holiday greetings! Some of the most meaningful things come from our children’s hearts!” Another person wrote, “Those are great words to live by EVERY DAY.

It’s short, sweet and written from the heart. Here are two lessons you can take from this and apply to your own email campaigns:

  • Be authentic. People relate to, and prefer to work with, companies who are sincere.
  • Be concise. There is no need for three paragraphs when three well-written sentences will convey your message.


    Dear Friend, 

    I asked my children for ten short words that they love. Here is the list of eleven they shared.

    Live  ·   Life
    Joys  ·   Toys
    Lots  ·   Hugs
    Kiss  ·   Time
    Hope  ·   Sing


    Very best wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year.

    Abu and everyone on the Elliance team.


    A little artwork from my 10 year old son. Enjoy!

    600 River Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 1-888-926-6262 |




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