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From Good to Great: Tips for Successful Events

Posted on | May 9, 2012 | No Comments


Many people use online event management tools. They save time and they project an air of professionalism. But is that all it takes to make the actual live event a success? Ah, if only life was that easy!

Here are tips to make your next event as pleasant and productive as possible for both your attendees and presenters.

More Butts in Seats: No-shows are disappointing but not entirely unavoidable. Send an email a day or two before the event to remind those registered what they will learn and subtly state that arrangements have been made to accommodate them. The result is an impressive track record of limited no-shows, even at free events, which are notoriously prone to big discrepancies between registered attendees and actual ones.

Minimize Travel Anxieties: Most of us feel a little discomfort traveling to unfamiliar locations so provide as many details as possible, including where to park (and associated costs) what doors to enter and the exact location of your room within the building.

All the Comforts of Home: For longer events, your attendees may appreciate amenities to make them feel more at home and at ease. Baskets of items like hand lotion, combs, mouthwash and mints will show an interest in their comfort.

Size Matters: When it comes to any event, the size of your room is critical. Many event planners lean toward rooms that are smaller, rather than larger, since they encourage more networking, conversations and collaboration.

Dynamic Design: To encourage interactivity and eye contact among guests and the presenters, boardroom, u-shaped or conference-style seating is superior to classroom and theater style arrangements. Attendees may not be able to articulate the difference between good meeting design versus bad, but they can certainly feel it.


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