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A Personal Connection Improves Clickthrough Rates

Posted on | January 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

Happy birthday to … me!  This is the day I left the comfort of my mother’s womb a few decades ago for a career in marketing.

Of course, my family gave me cake and presents.  But, I also got emails from three restaurants enticing me to come eat for free on my birthday. One of these emails was from a restaurant I had completely forgotten about. This made me realize that other businesses and organizations should use email as a way to reach out to inactive customers.

If your inbox is like mine, you probably see how companies abuse email marketing. For example, at least twice a week I receive emails from a company that sells pet products.  Yes, I love the little ball of fur that lives with me.  However, a constant barrage of generic emails does little to prompt me to purchase more stuff.  Instead, they should segment their list so they know who owns a dog, a cat, a hamster etc. and make specific offers based on this information. What if they sent me an email at the beginning of winter with a coupon to save on doggie coats plus their wish that my Shih Tzu stays warm this winter? With that type of personal connection, I would be more inclined to open the email and make a purchase.

The secret to a successful email strategy is to segment your list, personalize the message, keep it relevant and refrain from sending messages too frequently.


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