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Q. When is the best day and time to send out a newsletter?

Posted on | September 23, 2011 | No Comments

It depends on your business and your audience. We suggest you do a test to evaluate when your newsletter is viewed the most. Send the newsletter out at different times and dates. Then, use the tracking tools in Ennect to look at the click thrus and the open rates for the different days and times. It is easy to build a spreadsheet comparing the number of click thrus and open rates. By spending the time analyzing the data, you’ll get your answer.   Just last week eMarketer published an article on this very topic.  Flash sales – the kind that last for just a few hours – are the new hot thing in retail emails.  According to eMarketer, the time of day these emails are sent impacts the open rates. Those sent in the evening had 9% higher open rates, 33% higher total click rates, 20% higher transaction rates, and 27% higher revenue per email compared to lunchtime messages.  What can you take away from this research?  Probably nothing!  These statistics are specific to the type of email and the particular audience.  The only way you can answer this for your business is to spend a little time researching the habits of your audience.  The Ennect tracking tools make it easy to do this, and by fine-tuning when you send your email, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive ROI.


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