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Planners Replace Turnkey Event Registration Software

Posted on | April 15, 2011 | No Comments

As the economy has turned around, so has the meeting planning industry. Careful to keep costs down, nonetheless, meeting planners are cutting funds they previously spent on custom-built registration programs and turning to “do-it-yourself” online event registration software.

Event CalendarMeeting managers at the MBA Roundtable (, Link Computer Corporation (, and DISTek Integration Inc. ( are using Ennect’s online event registration software to replace the bespoke programs they previously used.

MBA Roundtable Executive Director Carleen Kerttula left behind an old event registration program and gained the flexibility to track participants’ dietary restrictions as well as easily offer tiered pricing options for members and non-members who chose to attend event functions in-person, virtually, or both.

For DISTek Integration Inc., which hosts a by-invitation-only Electronics Conference, abandoning its previous ‘home grown’ site helped it stay on budget while attracting guests from around the world, hide private aspects of its conference agenda, and provide controls for online registrations.

At Link Computer Corporation replacing its home-grown registration program improved online payment and collections tracking for its annual tech conference, LinkUp, which attracts 500+ attendees, 60 to 70 vendors, and prominent tech industry speakers. It also allowed the attendees for the first time to pay for attendance online with credit cards, and allowed the meeting hosts to bill guests who hadn’t pre-registered  when they showed up.

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