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Ode to Seth Godin

Posted on | March 15, 2011 | No Comments

I Heart Set Godin

I Heart Seth Godin

In all the world
I’ve never found
A guy who makes
My heart just pound
As much as my dear Seth

We’ve never met
But I will bet
Should our paths cross
I’d be at a loss
For what to say to my dear Seth

Rarely boring
Always exploring
In post after post
He exposes the most
Interesting thoughts. Oh my dear Seth.

One after the other
I ponder and mutter
Aloud to myself about the reviews,
Opinions and news
That spill from the pen of my dear Seth.

But today more than ever
I’m light as a feather
For his tongue-and-cheek style
Has elongated my smile
With a post that’s so pithy
I just want to shout! If he
Only knew how meaningful
His words were to this gal
He’d gaze down from his tower with ease
At the smile that he’s rendered with Bring Me Stuff That’s Dead, Please.

And what basis my glee?
It’s simple , you see.
For the first time ever
I have a just lever
From which I can talk about
One thing dear Seth left out
Of his list of the long-lived, “fixable,” and most valuable “dead.”


I know, dear Seth, it doesn’t rhyme.
But don’t you think it’s time
That we admitted email’s place
When used with relevance and grace
To continually engage
With opt-in readers?

Mark Twain - Courtesy


I submit in defense
That is just makes good sense
To agree with Mark Twain
That, in the main,
The news of email’s death
Is greatly exaggerated.


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