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Put Images in Your Emarketing Survey Questionnaire

Posted on | November 22, 2010 | No Comments

Make Your eSurvey Visual — Add Image Graphics

There are a variety of online survey tools available, but not all of them allow you to add graphics.  Here’s a way to do it with Ennect.   Because Ennect’s emarketing tools are integrated, you can use the graphics library from Ennect Mail to store and access images which you can then add to an Ennect Survey or Sweeps questionnaire.  See the steps below to learn how…

First, upload your images to the Ennect image library. In the Ennect Mail application, go to the “Prepare Emails” window and click on the “Upload Images” tab.  Use the “Browse” button to find the images you want to upload and click on the “Add” button to upload them. Ennect allows you to upload multiple files at the same time.

Next, copy the image URLs to a separate temporary document. — In the same “Prepare Emails” window, click on the “Manage Images” tab.  Find the images you uploaded and copy the HTML codes that are listed to the right of the image names. (Highlight the codes and hit Ctrl-C.)  Then, simply paste the codes (Ctrl-V) in a separate document or into a blank email box. This temporary holding space will allow you to easily retrieve the codes when you need them later.

Now, begin creating your survey.  — Open Ennect Survey (or Ennect Sweeps). Click on “Create Survey” or open a survey you’ve already created.  If you’re creating a new survey, fill in the survey options in the “Create Survey” window before proceeding.

A really easy way to add images to your surveys is to use them in “survey headings.” Open the “Build Survey” window and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Add Question.”
  • Select “Heading or Title (No Response)”
  • In the “Add a Heading” text box, select and paste one of the HTML codes from the temporary file where you previously copied them. Saving your entry will move you back to the “Build Survey” window.
  • Now, add whatever type of question you want below (or above) the image.
  • Here’s the URL to the demo survey we created using this method:

Another way to add images to your survey is to use images within survey questions.  — This allows you to offer images as question “options” (i.e., answers). Here’s how to do that:

  • When you add a question to a survey, don’t select “Heading” but pick another option, like “Check boxes.”
  • Fill in your survey question in the text box and select the number of choices you want to provide (i.e., the number of images “answers” you want to offer).
  • Instead of typing text into each of the choice boxes, select and paste one of the HTML codes from the temporary file where you copied them. Save your entries. You’ll have images appear instead of text answers.
  • Here’s the URL to the demo survey we created using this method:




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