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3 Tips to Increase Your Piece of the Holiday Sales Pie

Posted on | November 15, 2010 | No Comments

Selling jewelry or personal products?  Your holiday sales prospects are up! Here are three tips to successfully increase your holiday sales.

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According to the National Retail Foundation’s 2010 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, consumer spending for the 2010 season will climb slightly – from last year’s $681.83 per-shopper average to $688.87.  More interesting is that buyers indicate an intention to shift their purchases from more practical items to more discretionary ones.  For example, the NRF reports that 23% of people are adding jewelry to their wish lists this year – a 10% increase.  The report also states that interest in personal care or beauty products are up too, from 17.1% in ’09 to 18.2% this year.

How to move holiday purchase decisions in your favor?

– Start marketing now! The holiday season has officially begun. Savvy buyers have already started scanning for deals on items they want to purchase.  A Google/OTX survey recently stated that 35% of holiday shoppers began their shopping in August.  So the time is right to get your website optimized and your email program going NOW!

– Go online! Forrester Research predicts that US online sales for November and December will be up by 16% over 2009.  The NRF reports that online shoppers will spend 24.6% more than other retail buyers.  And this year, mobile will also play a greater factor. According to the NRF survey 25% of US buyers will use their smartphones to shop, research products or prices, and find nearby stores.  The younger the buyer, the more likely mobile devices will come into play.

NRF Survey Data 2010

– Emphasize value! While this season’s buyers plan to rely on coupons more frequently (40.6%) to keep spending down, they’re also willing to pay a higher price if they perceive a greater return in value. So don’t forget to showcase the value of your offerings.

Bottom line: Get your value proposition, pricing, and online offers going NOW to make sure you grab your piece of the holiday spending pie this year! And if you need help developing online marketing campaigns, give us a call.  We’d be happy to assist.


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